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Vunibokoi Divers


Our Fijian Crew
We were born & raised & live on this pristine Fijian coast. We know these gorgeous warm waters, and would love to share them with you.

Together, our wealth of Fijian scuba diving, Pacific wayfaring, and eco-culture makes diving with Vunibokoi Divers the only dive outfit in Tavenui that offers a comprehensive Fijian dive experience. » More on conserving Fijian maritime culture

Tyrone Valentine & Samu Matana are especially sought after by underwater photographers, scientists, celebrities, and astronauts because of their expertise in revealing the best of Fijis' coral reefs. We like to keep things fun, comfortable, secluded, and exciting in a professional, Fijian way. » More on Tyrone & Sam

" Really great day of diving. Wish I found you guys on the first day, instead of the last. " — French

World Famous Somo Somo Straits
The Rainbow Reef in the Somo Somo Straits represents spectacular, world class tropical diving. This reef structure stretches over 10 miles of coast line between Taveuni and Vanua Levu. With diving being most easily accessible from Taveuni Island.

The unique combination of location and reef configuration creates an optimum tidal current. With a stable warm water temperature year round, this special area has created the perfect conditions for a vast variety of hard and exuberant soft corals in a profusion of multi-colors, textures and types.

The reefs are teeming with marine life from nudibranchs, anenomies, 'Magical Fijian' corals, and pelagics to reef fish, turtles and some rarer finds like Blue Ribbon Eels. Yes this is shark territory too.

A varied reef topography lends a different experience to each dive site. Bommies, walls, tunnels, drop offs, and big fields of reef are just a few of the types of undersea formations in the straits. This ideal spawning field has created first rate dive sites such as The Great White Wall, Annies Bommie, Yellow Grotto, The Ledge, Blue Ribbon Eel Reef, Ogo, Fish Factory. Average diving depth varies from 45-125 ft/15-40 m

Nov - Mar
Jun - Sept
Water temp 77-82° F / 23-24° C 69-72° F / 18-20° C
Visibility 50 ft / 16 m+ 100 ft / 30 m+
Worm mating. Coral spawning. Aggregation of breeding Giant Marbled Cod. Coral spawning.

Reefs Featured in National Geographic
See National Geographic Magazine, Fiji's Rainbow Reefs: Nov 2004. Their website provides outstanding underwater multi-media footage, and descriptions about our immediate area: » Fiji's Rainbow Reefs

" Unsurprisingly, the diving in the Somo Somo Strait is spectacular. However, what really made the experience was Tyrone and his crew. He is first class all the way. Really knows his stuff, and makes his guests feel very welcome. Hes definitely the best dive master weve ever had. " — American

Exclusive Fijian Diving
With authentic Fijian cheer & generosity, we provide:

» Private dives:
Taking out a maximum of 6 divers per boat allows us to give you our undivided attention, and a more fulfilling impression of reef life.
» Long dives [dive computers included]:
We enjoy diving these waters and want you to have enough time to explore and relax on our breath-taking sites and details.
» Flexible dives:
We can easily and quickly go the edge of walls. Ride out strong currents in and amoungst bombies, and along walls of various depths. Bathe in a soothing garden of soft corals. Search for the end of swim thrus.
» Secret sites:
We've attached submerged hidden moorings to dive off for easy access to great sites, and to prevent fishermen from feeding out of spots flowing with fish.
» Night dives:
Fizzing phosporescense. A bright full moon offer all sorts of different dive surprises, including exotic crusteans that ONLY come out at night.
» The most extensive familiarily with the nature of the seas here:
Sam & Tyrone each have well over 20+ years of tourism experience guiding divers throughout the Viti Islands.
» Uphold strict eco-tourist standards:
Pro-actively supporting local efforts dedicated to saving our fragile reefs
» Informed perspective about the relationships the local people have with our marine ecosystem.
» Personalized service that takes care of the needs of novice, and advanced divers.
» Special chance to dive virgin sites: Enjoy surveying spots not commonly known. Many uninhabited islands super close by - the dive possibilities are endless.
» Learn traditional & historical Fijian uses of marine life: Evolving lifestyle and issues.

" I'm not as afraid of the ocean thanks to Sam. "
— Fijian

Dive Includes
— Vunibokoi Restaurant Picnic lunch, tea/coffee, yum sweets & seasonal fruit of the day.
— Thorough assistance in moving, washing, & overnight storing of equipment so you can relax.
— Surface break to a secluded beach (ONLY accessible by boat) where the trees are laden with tropical fruit.

Dive Rates (valid until April 2006)
» 1 dive (afternoon depending on tides): $90 FD
» 2 tank dive (1 day): $175 FD
» 4 tank dive (2 day): $315 FD
» 6 tank dive (3 day): $460 FD
» 8 tank dive (4 day): $595 FD
» 10 tank dive (5 day): $740 FD
» 12 tank dive (6 day): $840 FD
» Equipment (BCD, reg, wet suit, mask, fins): $30 FD
» Night Dive (2 people min.): $90 FD
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» Dive & Course Rates (Word Doc)

Ask us about our current All Inclusive Value Dive Package which includes:
— Multi-day Vunibokoi Dives
— Tovu Tovu Bure Accomodation
— Vunibokoi Restaurant Full Meals

Get Certified in Taveuni!
Take on a little challenge, and earn your rite to forever exclaim "I got certified in Taveuni, Fiji". With a few days in our warm water, and in good company, you can become a certified diver. Sam & Tyrone teach Dive Masters courses as well.

Dive Course Rates
» Discover Scuba Diving: $150 FD
» Open Water Diver: $650 FD
» Referral Course: $450 FD
» Advanced Open Water Diver: $550 FD
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» Dive & Course Rates (Word Doc)

Ask us about our current All Inclusive Vunibokoi Diver's Certification Package which includes:
— Padi Certification Courses & Dives
— Tovu Tovu Bure Accomodation
— Vunibokoi Restaurant Full Meals

" A full week of adventure! Outstanding service, and unforgettable conversations. I felt I was diving with good friends every day. I look forward to my next dive trip with the Vunibokio crew. " — Italian

Our Boat & Prime Dock Location
Our 27 ft. fiberglass boat, 'Lacomai' (meaning 'come here!' in Fijian), is powered by 2 Yamaha 60 Horsepower outboard engines. Full canopy w. dive ladder.

We have a conveniently located dive outfit just across the road from the Tovu Tovu Resort — Matei, Taveuni. It's only a 35-45 minute run to the world-renowned Rainbow Reef in the SomoSomo Straits, and Great White Wall areas.

Fijian Time
Full trip returns you to our Matei Dock around 1:30 which leaves one plenty of time for other Taveuni activities. As the sun sets* join locals and our Fijian crew on the Tovu Tovu verandah to talk thru the highlights of the day, and try our 'kava' brew.

*Taveuni crosses the 180° Meridian International Date line, so here you enjoy the worlds' first sunrises & sunsets.

" Tyrone was very good in telling us about Taveuni history, geography, habits, and traditions. It was truly a wonderful experience boasting with the best diving. " — Norwegian

Bookings & Enquiries
Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist in any way we can.


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