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Our Village Resort


Your Hosts, the Peterson Family, would like to welcome you to our family home.

Family History
The Peterson family settled on Taveuni around 1835 when Gustav Peterson a Swede and his wife Cordellia (nee Valentine) bought their young family over from Lomaloma in the Lau group, to their present home at Naselesele.

Seven Branches of this family still live on the family Estate of approx. 840 acres, where each branch has a 120 acre share of the original estate, TovuTovu being one of these branch’s.

The name 'TovuTovu' translated into English means 'man-made moulds' or 'areas of high ground in a flood prone area'. Thus, the estate and Resort derives its name from the numerous moulds that are present on the property.

The Resort was the dream of Eric Petersen a 4th generation Peterson, but was actually brought to being by his son Alan who built the Resort with the help of some of his cousins, uncles and grand uncles in 1995, and was opened in July 1996.

The Resort is part of the original copra estate of the Peterson family and is run by Alan, his wife Mareta, son Eric and many other relatives. In fact almost everyone in the neighbourhood is a relative. Our extensive knowledge of local traditions, history, cultural values and just local knowledge we would gladly share with you.

We are not the Sheraton, Hilton or whatever, but our service is genuine and from our hearts. And this the Hiltons of the world just cannot offer. So relax, put your feet up and please feel at home...Vinaka

» Tour Waitabu Marine Park
» Go Diving w. Vunibokoi Divers
» Somo Somo Straits
» Hike the Vidawa Rainforest
» Dip into Naselesele Mineral Springs

Chapel on Our Hill
A tiny lovely active Methodist Chapel, built over 80 years ago by the Naselesele village, rests on top of our hillside. Nestled in a serene verdant tropical garden with great views of the ocean. Chapel windows frame vistas of the turquoise blue ocean lagoon, outlying islands, and wild mixtures of Hawaiian roses, candralas, hibiscus, banana plants, and palm fronds. On Sunday mornings, Fijian chorus melts into our everyday sounds of birds, and ocean breeze rustling the coconut trees.

" The beauty of Fiji is exceeded only by the friendliness of the people. " — American

Get Married with Fijian Ambiance
Make your wedding special with traditional Fijian elegance. We can design customized Fijian formal wedding attire for your ceremony. Our local artisians create traditional clothing for occations using 'tapa', a sulu-like material made out of bark of the mulberry tree. Tapa is patterned with strong Fijian designs, and a rich deep rust color made from the juice of mangrove bark.

No need to find a florist. Our bright lei's of Naselesele flowers are wonderful for the bridal party and arriving guests. They add a sensual touch to your wedding, and the colors look fabulous in group photographs too. Bouquets are easy to do.

Perfect central location for your whole wedding get-away: — Private celebrations on our romantic verandah
— Intimate bure accommodation
— Quaint chapel ceremony
White palm-fringed beaches close by
— Plenty of low-cost, thrilling outdoor activities
— Fine dining, and receptions with a sense of occation...
As active or relaxing as you choose. Give us a call to discuss your ideals: (679) 888 0560.

Natural Naselesele Springs
Relax your self in our nutrient, mineral rich springs. A 5 minute walk down the road brings you to a surreal natural spring. Nice place to chill out if you want a break from the sunshine and beach, and love to refresh in crystal clear water. Tranquil shaded village scene.

" SPECTACULAR. No other word to use. "
— Where ever I lay my hat

Bookings & Enquiries
Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist in any way we can.

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Naselsele Springs


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